“All of this looks normal. Am I in the right place? Her Instagram was different and her clip store gave me high hopes. Am I paying less? Should I state my concern? No, I better not. What if she gets angry and asks me to leave?”

I had been thinking while sitting on a red, cold couch for like 10 minutes, waiting for directions, instructions, whatever. This was my first ever visit to a  professional dominatrix and I had no fucking clue how to conduct myself.

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Should I just wait for her or do I need to tell them that I am ready? Anyway, I decided to wait since that was the best and the only option. Another 10 minutes passed and an old man, wearing a maid’s uniform came to me, handed me a paper and said

“The mistress will see you in 2 minutes. Please go through this contract and sign at the bottom.”

I read through the paper carefully. It mentioned that any damage incurred to me, my property, to Miss Pearl or Miss Pearl’s property will totally be my fault. I was still considering a less lucrative option that I had of leaving and never coming back, but all of a sudden I heard a sexy voice asking me

“Are you ready?”

I looked up, and I was mesmerized by the beauty of the lady who was going to give me pain today. I signed the document at once and said


Idiots like me learn it the hard way. I had seen hundreds of femdom videos but I forgot one major thing here and I got a hard slap on my face for doing it.

“Yes…?” She she replied. I said “Yes MISTRESS”

in the softest tone possible. She smiled, looked at the old man in the maid’s clothes, and went in. The old man came to me and started telling me basic rules. Everything that I had seen in the porn and a few online sessions that I have had with Miss Pearl were now being repeated on my face.

“Your safe word is RED. She does not like to hear a NO”

This is not for your pleasure, this is for her pleasure and you are lucky to serve her. It does not stop until she says so. Do not try to grab her ass or boobs until instructed or you will be fucked in the ass by her 10-inch dildo and thrown into the street, naked.

“Trust me, you don’t want that.”

I nodded and I was taken to the darkroom, which was what I had seen on her Instagram and clip store. Red lights all around, some candles, all sort of bondage equipment, a few house pets in the cages, and that X- table that I always wanted to be tied to.

The male maid asked me to sit on my knees like a good dog and give her the best expression of puppy eyes I can. The dreams were turning into reality. My mistress was arranging her tools on a table and I was taking my position.

Everything was so hot and even before she touched me, I was almost close to an orgasm. She settled her tools for a few minutes and then she turned towards me. She loved my expressions and gave me some

‘good boy’

patting on the head. A beautiful, young woman was treating me like a dog. I had been craving it all my life. I started making puppy sounds which I guess she did not like because she asked me to shut up and kicked my balls. Now, people who have not been to a domina, let me clear one thing up.

In porn, those guys take a hundred kicks and still stand up but this single kick to an amateur like me was enough to make me curl on the ground for a good long time. Anyway, this lady knew her stuff and that is why she made me get up almost instantly and pushed me near a couch.

She then sat on the couch in the most elegant way and asked me to clean her shoes. She was wearing high heel boots which I remember I told her about in our one to one session.

She does take care of her slaves. Right after the boots were cleaned, I was ordered to lay down and be a good footstool while the mistress had to make a few phone calls. So, I lay down on my back and she placed her feet on me.

One foot on my face, exploring the ups and downs of my life, and the second foot on my dick making sure that I am ready to cum whenever she wants. I was growing desperate under her beautiful feet but I knew that the show had not even started yet.

I tried to control myself and lose my hardness a little but her beauty and her skills made it impossible. When she was done with her call, she made me stand up and lay down on the X table. Finally, the moment had come, the X table – a perfect piece of furniture that every girl should have in her place just to abuse boys for fun.

Anyway, I was tied to the table, my legs and hands apart from each other, forming an X shape. I realized the kind of exposure this structure gives you. She could fuck my face, cum on me, make me a cuckold, bust my balls, torture my dick and everything else and I would not have been able to make a move.

This was frightening but sexy. My mistress started moving her hands on my body, reached for my dick, and instantly realized that I was ready for the release and so she moved her hand away, slapped me, slapped my balls, and kept me on the edge.

She then took out her clips and needles. She picked a clip, put it on my nipples, and another clip on another nipple. She then took out the most dreaded weapon from her arsenal. A purple, 10-inch dildo that could literally rip apart a mature asshole.

She then went towards my legs, played with my balls, indulged in some cock and ball torture with her needles, and as soon as I thought I was now going to have a release, she forced that giant dildo in my ass. For the first time in my life, I realized the meaning of pain.

A kick in the balls is fine but when a giant something enters your ass, the pain is on a totally different level. She fucked me for some good time. While she was fucking my ass, she told me that I am going to be her ass boy.

Every time she said that I was asked to reply with a ‘YES MISTRESS’ and the stroking got deeper and the X-table idea started sounding like a foolish one.  Soon, I was done with her raid on my ass and I was shouting RED. So, she came out of my hole, her dildo all wet and smelly and she fetched her camera.

She took a few photos of my ruined asshole and my naked body to make sure that I am a returning customer. I got furious at first but just one more kick to my balls while being tied to the X-table made sure that I fall in love with the mistress and devote my life and money to her service.

Am I still doing it? Yes, I am. Why? Satisfaction and love for my mistress motivate me to do it every single day.

Doing this via webcam in a roleplay scenario is very different from meeting My mistress in real, I left with my cock throbbing and sore and a well-spanked ass, but I will return again

On buisness met a Dominatrix – My femdom story