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These cruel bitches take no crap when it comes to giving orders and ensuring they are obeyed at all times. Once you start an online show with these evil women, you will know within the first few minutes whether you have been collared and are now owned.

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Powerful femdoms waiting to take full control of weak submissive men; when you first enter this live webcam show you will quickly find just how dominant and abusive these females are; verbal humiliation is something they take very seriously, stripping you of your dignity, giving you no more rights.

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These women have power and authority this is why they are who they are, and they get what want they want whenever they demand it.

For some ideas of some of the best places to read short stories that have an abundance of ideas for you to use in your own slave  training show

You need to know these words to have a say in the BDSM world!


What is BDSM?

The abbreviation stands for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism and means multilayered sexual tendencies, consisting of dominance, playful punishment as well as pleasure-pain and bondage. A power gap between sexual partners,, however, is characterized by the principle of mutual understanding.




An independent form of BDSM, which means bondage games with ropes or chains, for example.

Bondage: This is how the hot bondage works

 domination phone sex

Refers to a prostitute who specializes in SM services. She responds to the special preferences and inclinations of her customers, such as bondage games or punches. The portfolio can be broad and very special. See our live Mistress cams here


While this term is commonly used as an abbreviation, the scene perceives it as pejorative. BDSM or sadomasochism is preferred.

Sadism: what is it and what is behind the sexual tendency?


This is a word agreed upon between the partners. It is used as soon as one party gets too much. This can put an end to the adventure. When playing games using a gag, an agreed symbol can also come into play.

BDSM is so dangerous: a cathedral unpacks

 BDSM Lexicon: What does SCC mean?

The top priority of the scene is SSC which means safe, sane, consensual, so safe, healthy and amicable.


Alternatively referred to as play or game, means the duration during which SM is practised.


In comparison to a safe word, the slow word does not stop the session, but only reduces the intensity.

Masochism: All about the pleasure in pain

 SM studio

Not necessarily a commercial place where SM practices are practised. In addition to SM studios, there are also so-called SM apartmentsHere you can also spend the night after the session.


Spanking – is not only popular with BDSM learners

In this practice, the top punishes or “blesses” the sub with the hand, but there are also other tools for hitting, such as whips, whips and floggers.

Spanking: Does this make the orgasm more intense?


Sub (missive)

The dominant or dominated part in an SM relationship. Often referred to as the bottom.


If a BDSM student is sometimes a sub, sometimes a top, that is to say not committed to a role, the scene speaks of switching.

Sex with a sub: A cathedral reports “BDSM is like a dance”


BDSM Lexicon: Top or Dom?

Also referred to as a cathedral and means the dominant part of an SM relationship. However, the distribution of roles does not necessarily correspond to your own character or everyday behaviour.


Since vanilla ice cream is the most common variant, non-BDSMers within the scene are often named after it.