Kissed by a Rose β€” Romance stories

I had spent the previous five years as a manager, honing my craft, before the company asked me to be a Manager Trainer. I was pleased with the honour afforded me and took great pains to separate those with potential from those without. In the beginning, it was difficult, as my trainee was my assistant manager as well.

I would spend many hours working my own shifts than beside them on theirs. This went on for several months before they sent me Rose. She had been an employee who worked her way up the ranks from learning each station to team leader, coordinator and finally shift manager.

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Upper management decided she was ready to move up and she jumped at the opportunity. Every teacher has a student that forever sticks in his or her mind as a source of pride.

Rose was mine. She tackled every task that came her way with a zeal that shone like a beacon.

I dreaded the thought she would be assigned to a store where the manager would take such talent for granted. Imagine my surprise when she requested my store as her assignment.


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While I had been sizing her up as a candidate she had been evaluating me as well. It wasn’t long thereafter her skills would be put to the test. I took ill and would be out of work for several weeks, leaving everything to be done by her alone. Trooper that she was she took care of everything and I was very pleased to see the job she had done when I returned to work.

For her efforts, I recommended she be promoted and shortly thereafter she was given her own store. A father could not have been prouder of his own child. When I moved on to my next job I thought of her often.

It had been several years since I had seen her when I heard she had fallen on hard times since the company was sold to a competitor and her store closed, she was β€œdisplaced.” I called and asked if there was anything I could do for her. She told me she had some ideas for running her own business but she needed capital to get it up and running.

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She had no idea I would cash in my retirement to finance her needs but that is what I did before I went to see her the next morning. I knocked at the door and she answered carrying her infant son on her hip.

It was the first time I saw her out of uniform so the jeans and turtleneck she wore were quite a shock. She welcomed me in hugging me with her free arm. She explained it was her son’s feeding time and would I mind keeping her company in the kitchen.

We sat at the kitchen table, she tries to balance a squirming bundle while trying to keep the bottle in his mouth. I marvelled at how multi-faceted this young single mother was.

I slid the envelope across the table as she finished and was in the process of burping him. She picked up the unsealed envelope and asked, β€œWhat’s this?” I told her, it was best if she looked at it, and she did. Her jaw dropped and she nearly dropped the baby as she reached across the table to hug me and kiss my cheek.

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β€œThank You! I don’t know how I can ever repay you,” she screeched. β€œDon’t worry about it. You were there for me when I needed you. It is the least I could do,” I replied. She began to cry as she hugged her son, the envelope clasped in her hand. I was never very comfortable around strong emotions so excused myself and stood to leave. Rose grabbed my arm and asked if I could watch her son while she used the bathroom.

She put him down in his playpen in the living room and I stood by it waiting patiently for her return. She emerged from the back of the house wearing a bathrobe and strode up to me putting her arms around my neck and pulling my head down to hers and she kissed me. I looked down at her eyes and could see her robe had fallen open and she was naked. I understood the unspoken offer and was embarrassed, as I knew I was unworthy of the gift she offered.

I mumbled my thanks while closing her robe and tying the sash. I bent and kissed her forehead and closed the door behind me as I left the house. I loved her as a friend and trusted companion. I could not, would not lose this precious gift in exchange for a few moments of passion. I still think of that day, now and then, and wonder if she understood that.

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