Foot Fetish story — A Real-Life Sexual Fantasy

Christina and I have been dating for 2 years. I am still obsessed with every part of her including her most beautiful face, arms, hands, breasts, stomach, extremely nice ass, most sexy legs, & very tasteful & most incredible feet & toes.

I imagine her playing hard to get with me to this day & saying “NO” to me trying to kiss her & telling me to kiss her body all over & massage her feet under the blankets in bed.

She tells me to be careful as I massage her feet & not to massage too hard.

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Her feet are pressing against my cheeks as I strongly massage her amazing feet that smell just like her leather high heel open toe gold shoes that she wore all day with deep red nail polish.


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I begin kissing her feet all over thinking of how sexy her feet are & how unbelievable they look in open-toed high heels at work & in the streets as all guys look at her up & down wanting her so badly.

I smell the aroma & slightly lick her feet & taste the sexy sweat from her gold open-toe heels & it gets me beyond excited. I lick more & taste the salty texture off the bottom of her feet from her heels to her toes.

I kiss & make out with her feet & do my favourite thing which is thoroughly sucking on her toes hard and deep in my mouth imagining what she must have looked like & sounded when she screwed her ex-boyfriend, Rick & had sex with him on a regular basis unlike we ever did.

She would tell me how Rick took her from every angle & made her cry & scream as she felt the passion & desire for more & more of his very large dick.

She would cry Rick’s name over & over & say that she will do anything including having Rick take her harder & harder from behind & then put his dick slow in her ass with KY jelly as she would moan.

Rick would then make her go down on him while he ate her out essentially 69ing under the sheets non-stop and all sweaty under Rick’s bed sheets with his parents downstairs watching a movie.

I continue making out like crazy licking, kissing, & sucking Christina’s feet under the sheets & staring & concentrating on nothing else but the beauty & how obsessed I am of her most incredible feet as I picture her having sex & also riding Rick besides Rick fucking Christina with his large dick from all angles, behind, & 69ing.


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I then ask Christina to finger herself for me while sitting on me and covering my face hard with her most amazing goddess feet not allowing me to see completely but having the honour of peaking through her toes to see her pink boy-cut panties while she explains more of Rick & her stories in detail of fucking like in Christina’s parent’s bed, her very first time losing her virginity to Rick & his huge dick which she said was very special, where they fucked every day, the times they would watch movies with Rick’s parents & then leave during the movie for both of them to 69 first & fuck with the lights on in Rick’s room on a regular basis.

I continue to kiss her feet & Christina asks me to come inside of her and she screams Rick’s name over & over again cumming, organising & making me cum all over her.

This made our sex life crazy for quite a while as she always imagines I’m Rick admitting how she loved fucking him & him fucking her on such a regular basis every day if not twice a day.


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I have never forgotten their sex life to this day which she touched on throughout the beginning of our relationship. One day she takes it to an entirely new level by asking how I would feel if she contacts him & asks him out for a drink.

She explains how she misses her sex life with him & would like to go on a date with him & come back to our house & hook up with him. Christina expresses the fact of how she would never do anything behind my back but would rather hook up & do everything & anything in front of me as from perhaps the closet in the bedroom.

I had gotten an extremely very hard erection as she questioned me on this subject. Before I could answer she hugged me and called me her “little boy” and told me that she still loved me but needs a man that could please her sexually & match her high sexuality.

She acknowledged once again that I could be there to witness everything that may possibly go on. I felt I had no choice but to say yes as all of a sudden I felt she was a bigger goddess than she has ever been to me.

Later this week on Thursday as I gave Christina her weekly pedicure and painted her toenails light pink this time, she giggled as she told me she had called Rick & had set up a date for Saturday night, their first date in 2 years.


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She said she needs me to meet her in the city to go shopping for a new sexy outfit & shoes on Friday after work to wear for her big date on Saturday night. I got an instant hard-on that literally throbbed when she told me as it was now just becoming more of a reality.

Well, I bought her a short black mini skirt and a pair of 5 inches open-toed strappy Calvin heels, the highest heels of her collection. I knew right then she meant business!! Saturday evening quickly came & Christina was very gitty and nervous about her big date.

Christina informed me she wanted me to get all my work done so I could spend the day with her & her parents on Sunday.

She also told me that I could sleep in the closet tonight & witness anything that should happen so nothing would be done behind my back. I told her OK & thanks

. When she jumped in the shower, I quickly pulled out her Dolce shoes to lick & jerk off to while she showered.

When she came out she asked me to help her get dressed by zipping up her skirt and putting her 5 inches strappy Calvin heels that I so very much admired.

Well Rick, the guy I have been the envy of & nervous to ever encounter rang the doorbell to our apt & she made me answer as she finished getting ready in our bedroom!!

Rick who’s shorter & stockier, very confident, condescending and wearing Christina’s favourite colour which was grey in a nice D&G; button down appeared at the door with 2 dozen white roses.

He asked for Christina who happened to come running out at the second he asked with a big smile on her face. He handed her the roses in which she then gave to me & told me to cut & place in water for her & then gave him a big hug & kiss on the cheek introducing me as just her roommate.

She tells me they are going to the city together to a nice place for dinner of his choice & then to a movie & will be home around 11:30PM.

I had a throbbing hard-on once again & planned how I would position myself in the bedroom closet so that I could stretch out enough to hump a pillow with my face and tongue all over shoes & hopefully her new Calvin heels as well that she had on tonight and be able to watch whatever they may do at the same time!!


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At 11:45PM, I heard Rick & Christina come in the front door giggling & whispering. Christina, I think told him I was out at a friend’s.

They then as expected start kissing like crazy on the bed as I could hear Rick & Christina’s tongues touching & lips going crazy all over.

I could hear them slopping & Christina moaning as I saw Rick grabbing the back of her head with his firm confident hand & controlling the kissing & Christina groaning as she pulls Rick’s underwear off & pulling her shirt off, mini skirt, & panties which all are thrown in the closet right down on the floor next to me, with her stockings which she wore all day & her new 5 inch heel Calvin strappy open toe shoes.

Which she wore all night walking in the city. I stuffed my mouth with a pair of her stockings that she wore at work all day on Friday & my tongue & nose on both shoes & his underwear & her panties on my back as I listen intently to Rick’s very large dick way bigger than mine penetrating Christina & her moans & could see Rick grabbing Christina’s ass with both hands & Christina securing her hands around Rick’s ass as well until I heard Christina reach her climax very quickly which I rarely ever witnessed as she screamed Rick’s name over & over at the top of her lungs & heard him moan & then cum over her ass as he finished her from behind.

I came all over the pillow at the very same time & tried to imagine it as a lesson to see how great sexual chemistry works. Even though it was somewhat dark in the room, I felt honored to witness this in the closet as I humped the pillow with their undergarments on my back & Christina’s sweaty, leather smelling somewhat salty black stockings stuffed in my mouth generating a huge arousal & appreciation of Rick & Christina’s awesome, amazing sexual chemistry.

I must have fell asleep right after they finished fucking and awoke around 6AM still in the closet with Christina’s shoes still in my face when I heard Rick get up & leave through the front door. Christina whispered for me to come in bed with her which I did as she told me that I am still “her little boy” as she kissed me on the forehead.

This is now done every other Saturday night as they go on a date together while I stay home as commanded by Christina while they’re at dinner, the movies, club, lounge or wherever & get excited & ready to either be in the closet not only watching but better yet now videotaping adding yet another addition to my collection which I jerk off to everyday before work & after work before Christina gets home.

While watching the videos, I have the pleasure to pick from her shoe collection & lick & suck her shoes with a set of stockings that I continually pull out of her hamper to stuff in my mouth.

Christina eventually did tell Rick the situation as she was afraid he would catch me watching from the closet which he was more than OK about. In fact, he got cocky by the fact that Christina loved only sex with him & that I couldn’t perform to satisfy her like him.

One of my all time favorite videos is when Christina & Rick allowed me to get under the bed to experience the thunder & sounds of how good their sex chemistry always was & still is.

Rick & Christina wanted me to imagine what it was like to watch them going only by what I hear. I had the honor to hear them kiss a little bit & giggle & talk about me as I listen intently under the bed with a tape recorder this time as they whisper that “maybe I will learn something.”

We had just recently added to the collection of my real life fantasies as Christina now allows me to be with Rick and her on home movie nights at our apartment. However, I am not allowed to enjoy the movie as Christina has me rub & massage her feet as I lay under the couch with only my arms, hands & face sticking out.

Christina wears her heels that she wore all day to look more attractive for Rick & places & crosses them on my face for me to start licking the bottoms. Well what do you know as soon as the movie begins, I look up & hear them kissing in their normal panting ways & as soon I hear that & get glimpses of it from the angle I’m at on the floor of the couch, the more excited I get & begin making out with her heels…the bottoms of them, the sides, her toes and she then presses them on my face.

She then lifts her feet off my face about 5 minutes later as Rick removes her shoes looks down at me & smiles in a mocking way & places her heels by my face for me to lick but before I get the honor to taste the salt off her leathery Dolce shoes, her bare feet are smacked on my face as she squirms them on my face as she hooks up harder with Rick. Before, I know it, she gets on top of him & fucks him on our couch with me only able to glimpse upwards seeing her hair high up in a pony tail and swinging with me only to worship the awesome sight and at the same time having her panties she threw down on my face which I placed in my mouth & her leathery heels placed on my face for me to smell at the same time.

Christina always reassures me at the end of their randevouses that she still loves me but also needs a man whom she has a soulmate sexual chemistry with to satisfy her needs which she claims me & her don’t have at all. She also informs me that she needs me in her life to be friendly with her & treat her with respect & have someone to go shoe shopping with to pick out sexy shoes & outfits for her to wear out on her dates with Rick that I can later make out with whether it’s in her closet or while on her beautiful, amazing feet when she hooks up with him or while she’s fucking him with her heels on.

Christina informed me that she won’t leave me for Rick not only for those reasons but also because she could never trust Rick as he has other girlfriends that he sleeps with as well. Rick is with her primarily to satisfy her sexual needs that I can not satisfy.