Dan’ smoking fetish story and obsession with watching his Mistress smoke cigarettes and cigars.

I love her and that is all I care about. I did not sign up for everything she does but whatever, I don’t care and I am going to serve her with all my heart for the rest of my life. It all started 2 years back when I decided to meet my online dominatrix for a one-on-one session.

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She had given me the best orgasms of my life through her webcam sessions and that is why I decided to take a step ahead and beat her disposal whenever and wherever she desired.

It started with the easy stuff. I used to pay her a slavery fee, a chastity fee and a dream fulfilment fee. I loved doing it because I loved to spoil her. She would buy all sorts of sexy dresses, shoes, bags and perfumes. She would dress up and call me, her puppy to admire her and in return, I would get to eat from the sole of her new shoes.


I was her favourite and that is why she helped me realize what turns me on the most. Let me tell you a little story that changed my life for the good; and how my mistress, Mistress Z was the reason I finally found sexual satisfaction.


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I was one of those guys who had little knowledge of the adult entertainment scene. For me, porn and cam shows were the best things ever and little did I realize that all of my virtual sexual adventures were turning me into a kinky man.

I would often masturbate to a dominatrix giving jerk-off instructions or a tranny playing with her dick. Although I knew that this was not very normal but did I care? I continued watching hot women and countless shemales doing all sorts of things on their cams and in porn, and jerking off to them was one thing I used to do every night before going to bed.

Anyway, this continued for a little while until I stumbled on Mistress Z’s cam. She was smoking some cigars. Her red lipstick had all my attention. The cigarette butt in her mouth looked delicious and the way she was looking at the cam seemed like she wanted me around her. Not for my pleasure, but for her pleasure. With every puff she released from her mouth, a dark cloud of smoke filled my head.

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I had never seen a lady smoke a cigar on cam before and I never knew that it could be this hot. I started following her cam. I used to watch her every day and with each passing day, the dense smoke of her cigarette would engulf me even more.

A month passed and by this time, I was totally mesmerized by her beauty. She was charming and had the sexiest voice. She would often express her love for smoke and how it made her horny. I wanted to tell her that it made me horny too and that is when I dropped her a message on her profile. I was praying for her reply, with my eyes constantly looking at the inbox icon on the cam site, but she did not come back.

I was desperate to talk to her and so I did some research and found her website. Long story short, I messaged her and expressed my feelings towards being in a one-to-one session and she agreed.

She told me about the money and how it is going to be. I expressed my gratitude for accepting me, taking care of the finances and paid her all in advance. I knew I wanted her and I understood there was no turning back therefore I had no other option but to play by her rules.

Looking at my curiosity and will to be hers, she decided to give me more than I deserved. She decided to train me to be one of her personal slaves who knew what and how things should be. I was happy and I wanted to impress her but with little knowledge of sex, I never had a chance.

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So, I followed her lead. She told me about kinks and fetishes and how getting her leather pants worshipped turns her on and how badly she wants to thrash a slave in public for fun. I decided to take up this opportunity and I told her that I wanted to be her worshipper and take the thrashing too.

She smiled at my foolish response and asked me to shut up. She said she knows who is worth what and she had different plans for me. She invited me to her studio where she did most of her cam shows and asked me to be the footrest for her. I did as I was told.

That day she flaunted me as her new foot stole and started smoking the cigar. This time I was not seeing her on the monitor screen, she was right there in front of me – hot, beautiful and sexy. With every puff, I was getting a hard-on and with every passing second, I was getting uncomfortable. Mistress Z knew what was going on with me and so she asked me to come near her chair. She saw my dick, placed her foot on it and then released the smoke on my face.

My dick got harder and she felt it under her heels. She repeated it again and my dick got even harder. She smiled and asked me to open my mouth while her foot was still checking my erection. As I opened my mouth, she dropped the ash in my mouth and asked me to swallow it.

I had never imagined this but I swallow as she said. The ash was hot but what she said next, was even hotter. She said

“So, you never knew you had a smoke fetish? You will be my human ashtray and I am going to make you suffer from my dark lips”

By this time, my dick had grown so hard that it started to become so painful. I wanted a release and I told her so. She kicked my balls, asked me to wait for her command and then put some more ash in my mouth. All this happened on a live webcam session.

For the first day of my life, I realized that I had a smoking fetish. The strain of the cigarette on Mistress Z’s lip was the thing that turned me on the most. It felt like I had finally discovered myself. As soon as Mistress Z was done with her cigarette, I offered my butt to put it out. She gladly accepted the tribute and put out her cigarette on my butt.

It was burning but the fire in my underwear needed that burning sensation to calm down. My journey of self-realization started that day and being with Mistress Z has helped me realize what kind of human I am. Thank you, Mistress Z.

There will be no more jackinchat for me I have become a human ashtray to be used as and when she sees fit to be humiliated and degraded and my fetish used against me to get what she wants.

Slave Dan

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