The week had been busy all around for me. From the trip to New York to the big presentation in front of the board to the all-nighter I pulled on Wednesday, I couldn’t just wait for the weekend to come, I needed to unwind. Everyone was talking about the new club downtown, Club Caesar.

Now I wasn’t the type that partied much but after I heard my extremely serious boss talk about the club, I knew I needed to check it out, but first I had to go through the week without breaking down.

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The days went by slowly may be due to the heavy workload, but finally, Friday came. It was officially the weekend! Work wasn’t as hectic as the other days on Fridays so it was a good thing for me. After work, I went out with a couple of friends to see a local football match before getting to my apartment around 7:30 pm.

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I decided to go to the club around 10 pm so I settled to catch up on television shows I had missed during the week. The short and long hands of the clock moved rapidly and the time came for me to have a bit of fun so I showered, dressed up in the best clothes I could think of and headed to Club Caesar.

I arrived at the club around 10:45 pm and after being checked and cleared by the security, I made way into the best nightclub I had seen in my life, all the hype was totally worth it. From the lighting to the magnificent bar, to the DJ spinning the wheels, to the mouth-watering elevated VIP section down to the spacious dance floor, the club was terrific, absolutely wonderful.

I ordered some drinks and sat at a table, slowly sipping on my liquor and moving my head to the beat of the music. The DJ was really good, and the club was just on fire. Everything to expect from a good club was there. From the wild and mild dances to girls grinding on boys to a few making out here and there and the wild drinking, the club was turning up.

The clubbing went on, and gradually the alcohol started setting in, I was feeling a little light and tipsy, so I decided to dance. As I was busting my moves on the dance floor, I kept making eye contact with a particularly fine young man.

He was dressed in a cool brown leather jacket and ripped jeans and slowly sipped his drink at the corner opposite where I was dancing. At first, I didn’t give thought to it, but then we made eye contact again, and this time he winked and smiled at me. I was surprised a bit, was he into guys like I was or was he just messing around, time was going to tell.


I was going to wait for him to make the first move; I smiled back at him and continued dancing. He eventually abandoned his drink and took to the dance floor, dancing towards me, trying to get my attention. He was handsome no doubt, a bit taller than I was with dark shiny hair, blue eyes and a well-trimmed beard, I would definitely not mind fucking him.

He danced towards me and asked for my name.


I shouted, trying to get the insanely loud music.

“Mine’s Jack!”,

he shouted back. We kept dancing, and eventually, it led to hands touching bodies. He brushed my crotch slightly while dancing with a smile, and I smiled back, I definitely got that message.

“I’m headed to the toilet!”,

he shouted.

“Do not take long!”

, he added further; it was a typical move I was accustomed to. I danced a little bit after he left before deciding to join him in the toilet. On getting there, I didn’t have time to think before he brought his lips down to mine, lips working and tongues twirling in reckless abandon.


He was a good kisser. We kept kissing despite being in a public toilet but luckily for us, no one was pressed during that period. We kept on kissing, and gradually his hands fell to my belt, and in a flash, my trousers were down to my ankles.

He kept caressing my bulge through my underwear as we kept on kissing. Eventually, he dropped to his knees as he dropped my underwear too. He gasped as my eight-inch cock sprang out free, hitting his cheek in the process, he smiled as he popped my cock into his warm wet mouth.

I moaned as his lips engulfed the tip first before the whole cock went into his warm mouth; he moved slowly, coating my stiff cock with saliva as he sucked slowly, stroking my balls in the process.


He kept on sucking and eventually deep-throating as I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of his throat, he could sure suck a cock. He kept this up as he slipped his hand underneath my balls, finding my asshole as he fingered it.

I was rippling with pleasure, and I knew I wasn’t going to last. My cock was being sucked in the sexiest manner, my balls were being stroked and sucked as well, and my asshole was being fingered, it was only a matter of time before my orgasm came.

The pressure was already built up, my balls tightened as I emptied my load of cum into his mouth without warning, moaning and sighing as I watched him gulp up every spurt of cum that made its way out of my cock.

He was as horny as I was, and I knew it. I undid his pants and underwear as I turned him over and buried my face in between his butt cheeks, my tongue slurping, sucking and fucking his asshole as he moaned in full ecstasy.

I reached out in front of him as I stroked and jerked him off, beating his cock slowly before I turned him around to swallow his cock, most surprisingly. I sucked my life depended on it. Twirling my tongue all around, slurping and deep throating rhythmically in the most pleasurable manner, his seven-inch cock hitting the back of my throat with every movement. He moaned and groaned as he eventually came, emptying his load down my throat; I gulped everything up.

I wanted my cock in his asshole right there; I wanted to fuck him hard. I turned him over and bent him over the wash hand basin as I spread his legs and gradually eased my now fully erect cock into his warm asshole.


His asshole wasn’t only tight; it was warm and wet! I moved slowly at first, easing in and out as he moaned, my cock loving the warm muscles all around it; gradually, he settled in, and I picked up the pace, moving my cock in and out vigorously, our bodies slamming rhythmically.

“Kpack! Kpack! Kpack!”

was the sound audible as our bodies slammed into each other as we fucked. I was enjoying this; he kept stroking and beating his cock as I buried my meat deeper and deeper into his asshole; I was moving faster than ever, deeper than ever, almost balls deep,

I wasn’t going to last much longer. I kept pounding as I felt the pressure building inside me. My balls tightened as I shot spurt after spurt of cum inside his ass, moaning and groaning as my cock erupted in his wet asshole. He came shortly after that, too, before he proceeded to kiss me once more. Before leaving the club, I got his number, we surely had to fuck again.

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