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Do you enjoy wearing diapers? Do you have a fetish for the feel, look, and touch of diapers? Are you ready for ABDL cams with strict females who know how to explore your fantasy and fetish on cam? Get ready to be humiliated on our live abdl cam chat Are you ready for tasks and assignments while sitting in your wet nappy/ Diaper?

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What is A Diaper Lover?

A diaper lover is someone who enjoys wearing diapers, they are an adult but have never stopped enjoying the feeling of safety and security when wearing an adult diaper. It brings them fond memories of their childhood. They get pleasure normally sexual pleasure when they have one on. Sometimes it can be for medical reasons but more often than not it’s a fantasy/fetish that the person has. It is also known as nappy fetishism or diapirism. The behaviour of a person who enjoys wearing them does not necessarily mean they are an adult baby as well. diaper lover picture

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We all know you enjoy the security of wearing a diaper, the excitement it brings to you when you first put it on, and the adrenalin rush of hoping that no one catches you can be more exciting than actually wearing that tight little diaper.

They feel comfortable and convenient and take you back to a time when things in life were easier and more secure.

This is why so many people do have this type of fetish. It also makes you feel naughty. Some fetishists enjoy the idea of being punished when wearing one, an over-the-knee spanking while wearing a dirty or wet diaper can make for an amazing orgasm for many.

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This can become a total addiction for many who wear them, you don’t need anyone to live your fantasy to make it happen, it gives you a buzz and a feeling of euphoria when wearing it. Not everyone who wears diapers is an adult baby, these 2 fetishes can be totally separate or used in conjunction with each other, everyone is unique and everyone has different reasons for having this particular type of fetish.

Most can recall a time in their childhood that triggered it, however, some have no idea why they became so turned on when sitting at home wearing a diaper. View the best ABDL cam rooms now

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man in diapers

Diaper Humiliation and Punishments – THE best abdl Cams

Being a Mistress I have seen many submissives who enjoy this fantasy, visiting me while in a diaper and being made to do humiliating things, for example, wetting it and being made to sit in it all day long.

The actual humiliation becomes the sexual fantasy of the strict Nanny who punishes them for wetting or dirtying it, the verbal humiliation side of being made to feel pathetic, most of these fetishists are submissives so they enjoy the dominating side of this fantasy.

View our live abdl chat rooms now I do enjoy exploring those who have a fantasy for ABDL and when in the cams show with myself I enjoy thinking outside the box when giving you punishments or humiliations. Some enjoy being made to wear plastic pants over the nappy for double protection. Perhaps its the feel, smell, and security for others, Everyone has their own reason for being a DL

 man wears diaper

It’s amazing how wearing a simple item like a diaper or plastic pants a nice cute ABDL diaper from the likes of Barn Yard or Tykables can remove all your own adult worries and troubles and take you to a place of safety. diaper fetish picture

Having a fetish for wearing nappies used to be classed as a taboo subject, people would frown if they thought of an adult still wearing nappies, but times have now changed and people seem to feel more comfortable with this particular fetish. I see more and more Dl in my webcam chat rooms and the majority of them enjoy being given tasks and assignments to do whilst wearing one.

This can be any number of things from

Going outside into the garden while you wear it and pee in it

Going to the shops while you have it on

Filling it with wet soggy items –

Peeing inside it or making it dirty

-Being told to masturbate while wearing it

-Having an orgasm inside it and being made to keep it on and sit in it all day long

These are just a few of the examples I use when in a cam show with one of my nappy lover boys or girls. Pushing their limits and helping them enjoy their fantasy. They may want you to be the strict stepmom, the cruel nanny, the evil nursery teacher, the Bratty girl next door & so on

How to Accept and understand yourself when you wear Diapers

Remember you are never ever alone – Plenty of other people share your fetish and desires… Take time out to understand your feelings, and research your fetish Do not think bad of yourself for having these feelings, it’s a fetish we all have so accept yourself. Find a way to deal with your feelings if you are in denial Act on the feelings Find others online in forums, chatrooms, social media, and video sites that share this desire with you.

Visiting an online —diaper live cam chat room can be a great way to test the water and share your fantasy and kink Livebsmcams.net – offers a space for all fetishists and roleplay explorers