A man in panties Story

Prissy Sissy – Man In Panties


Yesterday I drove to Denver and went shopping. I was dressed in pink panties and bra under some baby blue bike shorts so to be sure my panty lines showed through.

I first went to the makeup outlet where I spent a long time wandering the isles for all to see. I already had on blush and mascara at this point.

I sampled some pink lipstick and left it on. Then I sampled some perfume and put on a lot soi would be noticed even more.

I bought super absorbency tampons, FDS spray lipstick, and eyeshadow. It was very humiliating because I had to wait in line for 10 minutes before I could get checked out on account of a long line.

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I have to admit that it was great fun waiting in line with all of the Women who all could tell I was a sissy. Then I was off to a department store to buy a new panty set.

There were two girls working the register and I asked for help. She picked me out a light purple panty and matching bra and said that this should fit just right.

I asked if I could try on the bra and she said yes but to put the panties on over the ones I was obviously wearing.

I did and they asked me to open the door so they could see if they fit properly. Well, the bra was too big and they got me a smaller one to try on and then another, and finally, I had my new panty set. I can not wait to go back to Foleys again next week to try on some more things.

Then I was off to the adult store where I purchased a black vibrating dildo. I asked for help once again and the Salesgirl recommenced a couple of different ones.

I picked out an 8″ black vibrating dildo. I made sure I had my camera and asked her to take a picture of me with it and she did.

I will send You the picture but I am not happy with it because I was wearing a hat and sunglasses. So, when I go back to purchase Your item I will make sure I am better prepared to have a better sissy photo taken.

When and if You ever tell me to ejaculate, I was thinking about how wonderful it would taste if I cummed in the bowl I make my tuna salad in and then incorporate the tuna fish into the semen!

I got the idea from a letter i read from a sissy who cums on his toast in the morning. What a great idea. I am looking forward to that sort of thing.

Goddess BreIze I am married and my wife does not know of my desire to become a sissy. But, I do crave public humiliation and am looking forward to your next task.

<curtsey> Your humble sissy,pantyanne

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