10 things you can do in a cams sex show

10 Things You Can Do While Watching a Live Adult Cam Show

Being a big fan of cam shows, I have seen thousands of those in the last few years, and all of them have been a fantastic experience. 

They are not only entertaining, but they are also highly satisfying because they are 0% scripted and 100% free-flowing.

That is exactly what all of us love and want about sex, right? To be able to direct our own shows and or give requests for our different fetishes and being able to watch them be carried out in a private session is a huge turn-on and kink for us.

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Use the vibrator/dildo/masturbator

Use a sex toy. Sex toys are powerful, and we love them. They are so much better than your ex and, sadly, better than your current partner.

Plus, they are a total slave. So unless you already have someone with all these qualities, your vibrator, dildo and masturbator are the best company you can have while watching a webcam show.

Watching a hot female pleasure herself with a vibrator, or you taking control of her vibrator, can be a huge turn-on, especially when in a cam to cam show with these girls. Just tell the cam host you want to be watched

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Have a hot chat – Dirty talk – Roleplay

This is one of my favourites. I usually text my boyfriend everything I see on the webcam and ask him to do it for me the next time we meet.

It makes him excited, and I get a lot of dick pics of the gorge. I would also recommend trying this with someone who has a crush on you, and you kinda like them back.

A little naughtiness never hurts anyone. The dirtier and kinkier the chat the better, move on to roleplays, dress up and act out a fantasy, perhaps mistress and slave or headmistress, secretary, doctor and so many more.


Get naked and tease yourself

If you wish to take your pleasure game to the next level, this is what you should try. Put on your favourite cam girl/guy and sit back. Get naked, and do not touch yourself. Just watch your performer on screen and enjoy what they are doing. This will require a lot of willpower but trust me; this is going to be awesome.This is like orgasm control where you edge yourself until it drives you crazy. Our masturbation chat areas are always very popular with our members.

Get naked and tease your viewer

If you are presenting your webcam to someone, ask them to sit back, get naked and enjoy. Be dominating and tell them that if they touch themselves, you will disconnect.

Trust me, this works and the pleasure of making someone suffer in sexy pain is a whole new level of fun. Refrain from being a sadist if the other party is not into it.

Tease them to the brink until you see just how desperate they are getting, dominate them and give them jerk-off instructions, jackin chat is always a popular request on the webcam

Fulfil your kink

Webcam shows give you an opportunity to fulfil your kink. You love watching girls with dark lips and smoking cigars, go ahead and watch a cam that suits this. You want to see a transgender sucking her own dick, there is a webcam for that too.

We have hundreds of kinky fetish webcam rooms, with hundreds of kinksters waiting to carry out the dirtiest, naughtiest and most extreme types of kinks and requests you may have. They enjoy exploring new ideas and pushing boundaries.

Have sex with your partner

Take inspiration from the cam shows. Perform for your partner or ask them to perform for you. Try the ‘get naked and tease yourself’ thing together. Read the rules again if you want to. Eventually, you two will end up having the wildest sex.

This could be that you watch the cam host having sex with their partner, or you having sex with your partner and allowing the performer to watch you. Whatever way you decide you are guaranteed to have a very hot time. These online cam models, know how to make the best of any horny situation and they will push buttons and have everyone cumming in no time.

Talk about your fetish to a partner

If you have been wanting to open up about your fetish to your partner, cam shows are a perfect way to do it. Just take them to the cam where the stuff happens and ask them politely, do you think we should try it? Look innocent and make them horny, then go for it and fulfil your dreams.

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This is a great way to gauge whether or not your partner would be into playing and experimenting online with sex. Some members like that idea of introducing their female partners to it in the hope they may become an adult performer. After all, that’s every guy’s fantasy is it not? To have their wife/girlfriend acting like a porn star?

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Find like-minded people and hook up

Coming back to fetish and kinks, most of us struggle with finding the people who are into the same stuff as we are. Webcam shows present you an opportunity to find the people who have a similar taste and who would love to fulfil your fantasies.

Enter the chat room, tell them about your kink, share experiences, befriends and reap the benefits from their dick or pussy, whatever they have.

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Learn from the cam stars

Cam girls and cam guys have moves that will make you horny and cum in a few minutes. Learn about those. Once you have a similar arsenal, go fuck everyone you have ever wanted and been their sex god. No human has the power to resist good sex and when they know that you are the one with the best moves in bed, guess who will be asked out the most?

Run errands

Ok, this is not sexual but, nevertheless, this is one thing that you can do while watching cams. Wash your clothes, prepare meals, make your bed, call your partner, put out the trash, grab some groceries, polish your shoes, iron your clothes, pick your kids from school and whatnot. BUT do it before the cam girl has taken off her panties. Once she does that, you do not want to miss a second of it. Just thought I would throw that in there as sometimes if you are in the domination section our kinky Mistresses will have  you carry out tasks for them and they will give you lists of things you have to do you can read more about that at our blog post on sex slave ideas

These are just some different scenarios that you can do on webcam when looking for a hot sex show, however, here is some more you can request listed below.

  • Double penetration – ask her to use 2 sex toys
  • Pantie stuffing – YOU GOT IT – stuffing panties inside pussy
  • finger play – experimenting with how many fingers she can get in pussy and or ass
  • Messy play – splosh, covering themselves with cream and oil
  • Wet Tshirt and bra teasing
  • Bondage play- Having them tie themselves up or use self-bondage on cam
  • Be dominated, humiliated and controlled
  • Fetish play – kinks and taboos
  • Watch her sucking sex toys
  • Foot play
  • Watch her orgasm

These are just a few other things you can request, but I am sure you know exactly what type of sex show you are after. Whether it be the need for couple cams or bondage chats, our live adult site has everything you could ever need or imagine under one roof. You can read up on our ways to have cuckold cam sex were some guys like the idea of watching their wife or girlfriend with another man

You can also check out our humiliated slaves or our gay cam guys we have so many different scenarios waiting for you right now. Live free chat rooms where you can test the water first and see if you like the look of the performer.

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