How can I Arouse a Woman?

What exactly is it that turns on a woman, or more specifically, how can I make a woman aroused?” This is the age-old question that every man wants to know.  What exactly is it that turns on a woman, or more specifically, how can I make a woman aroused? The short answer is, it’s very […]

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20 Ways For Cam Girl Humiliation

 Ideas &Ways for cam girl humiliation. A guide for those who enjoy dominating and abusing female slaves on webcam for their own amusement and enjoyment. Whilst most BDSM activities are from the female domination viewpoint, there is also a large market where males can dominate submissive females.     Click here for live Online Chat […]

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Small Penis Humiliation? Our Top 50 Ideas

Small Penis Humiliation – Techniques & Ideas little dicks are for Humiliation/sph humiliation Ways for Sph Sessions   Small Penis Humiliation – With all the countless ways for a Mistress to humiliate and degrade her male slaves, one of the most brutal is small penis humiliation. All men adore their cocks and consider them their most treasured […]

The Purpose Of A Sissy Name

Sissy Name In Forced Feminization –  One aspect of forced feminization training that is often used to aid the sissy into better identifying with their new role, is to change her name. Often sissies choose their own name before entering the relationship, but in a forced femme dynamic this is often decided on their behalf. […]

Erotic Punishment

Safe Words and Limits – Erotic Punishment A safeword is an easily-remembered but apparently irrelevant word your sub can use if he wants you to stop or pause. Some submissives still like to have a safe word whilst in a session for erotic punishment. Having a secure word allows your servant/slave to beg you to […]

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Slaves Punished on webcam- Punishment cam chats for sissy and subs

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Guide to Impact Play

Whenever you take notice of or hear “impact play,” what exactly comes to mind?  Typically, this type of activity includes items along the lines of a paddle, riding crop, cane as well as flogger, nevertheless smacking with the hands is important also, along with the blows typically happen continuously. Have you been pondering about a kinky spanking in a schoolgirl uniform? Perhaps you’re picturing a whip along with a St. Andrew’s Cross. You […]

15 Things to Know About Tens Unit on Penis

Tens Unit On Penis In Bdsm – Cock & Ball Torture When it comes to BDSM, S&M and femdom, one of the popular ways is for the use of electrics. By this, we don’t mean plugging two loose wires to a slave and plugging him into the mains. There are a few different machines developed […]

Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis The Mind Mistress What is it and how can it be done in a Webcam Session? Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, and most of us are actually in a trance many times during the day. Have you ever become so involved in a tv program or a movie that you lose track […]

Financial Domination Hypnosis

 Bdsm Mistress Financial domination hypnosis  Is one of the hottest controversial fetishes in the world. It’s also a highly complicated type of domination because it involves asking people to give up something precious to them… their money. You May As Well Just Give Her Your Pay Check    Click here to find a Mistress   […]