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One of the most humiliating and degrading things a Mistress can do to her slave is to make him ingest and swallow her spit. Making you lie down and open your mouth as she leans over you and purses her lips together and allows a thin dollop of spit to stretch from her mouth till it snaps off and lands on your tongue.

Forcing you to swallow, you can feel it run down your throat, making you gag before you open your mouth again, ready to catch the next lot. Fetish Webcam Chats Live Online smoking, spit and foot fetish play

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Forcing a slave to catch what is essentially one of her bodily fluids is a great way to degrade her slave and to exert her power over him. As you lie on your back, you are already going to be feeling exposed and helpless but seeing her lean over your head with her hair hanging down either side is a unique sight to behold.

Ordering you to open your mouth and keep it open, you will do so and wait. Holding her hair in tight to her body to avoid getting any saliva on it, she will move the spit in her mouth to the front and then open a tiny hole between her lips and force some saliva out.

If you have a spit fetish you can watch girls spit on cam You will see it begin to bulge till it starts to stretch down to you and the string will get longer till it breaks and falls into your mouth.

Spit in slaves mouth

As you quickly swallow it, you will need to open your mouth again as she already is repeating the process. You will feel it as it passes your tongue and you will be able to feel it as it slides down your throat. With a sadistic smirk on her face, she will already be dropping more of her sweet, delicious spit into your mouth.

You should consider your self-lucky that she deems you worthy of tasting her saliva. Check out – 20 Different fetishes to have on cam She will make you tell her how delicious it tastes and how much you love it. All sadistic Mistresses and powerful women will use spit swallowing and saliva drinking as a staple means to degrade a slave and make him feel worthless.

This is why the girls from Livebdsmcams are waiting to make you swallow their saliva If you are a slave who uses live femdom cams as a means to submit then she will lean over and drip saliva into a cup and make you tell her how good it looks and how much you want to drink it.

Or she can put the webcam on the floor and lean over it, open her mouth and let a steady string of saliva run from her tongue till it covers your screen and then she can push her fingers through it and let it join between her fingers.

She will make you watch as she plays with it and tells you how she would make you like it all up if you were there. Swallowing every last drop and telling her how good it tasted and how you felt honoured to be able to serve her in this way.

Read Ballbusting Ideas Or maybe she will just make you sit and watch as the full-on spits all over your screen. You will watch as it runs down the screen, dripping and sliding and you imagine it is running down your face as she forbids you from wiping It off. With a sadistic smile, she will keep on gobbing huge piles of spit at you and make you tell her how wonderful it is.

Laughing at you as you flinch while she sprays you, these mean bitches on cam are heartless in the extreme and do not care how degrading this is for you. There are dozens of live mistresses available on femdom cams and each one loves spitting shows and forcing slaves to accept their saliva. Enter now and prepare to accept her precious saliva. Check out the sissy cum dumps to see them being spat on and abused from all directions