Sissy Electric Play – Video Pov

Watch as my sissy squirms around and squeals when the violet wand electric comes out to play. Rubbing the electrics all over the cock and balls as well as the body. Using different types of electrics from the electric comb to the electric wand and brush.

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I love nothing more than watching these little bitches squirm around screaming, after all, what is the point of punishing if they do not take a lesson from it. This little bitch hates when I open my electrics bag, she knows it can only mean one thing and straight away she starts to beg and plead for me to forgive her.

Sissy humiliation and domination is what I thrive on, becoming that power over a weak pathetic little sub or sissy girl, to train them and mould them to be what I want them to be.

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Cruel domination of sissy