Maid Foot Worship

The Sissy Maid And Foot Worship

As a sissy maid, your duties are varied and many. All the cooking, cleaning, the laundry, serving Mistress and her friends, fluffing her bull to get him hard or being pimped out to earn her money, you perform all these tasks without question and obediently.

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Among all your tasks, by far the one all sissy maid sluts yearn for is the honour of worshipping Mistress’s feet.

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After a day’s housework, sissies’ jobs are not done until Mistress is relaxed. She may have been working all day herself or maybe she has had a hard afternoons shopping. PerWhateverjust wants a foot rub due to her afternoon sex session with her real man lover.

Whatever the reason, as she enters the room with a glass of wine and plonks herself down on her comfy chair, if she clicks her fingers and points to her tootsies then no matter how big your list of chores might still be, you have been granted the honour of massaging and adoring her perfect feet.

sissy maid worships feet
Tottering over on your 5 inch high heels, you will hitch your pretty little pink maids skirt up and drop to your knees in front of her. Leaning forward you will gently unbuckle her strappy shoes or unzip her leather boots and remove them to expose her dainty feet and perfectly manicured and painted toenails.

Gently rubbing her foot, you will massage it and caress it, taking care to cover every inch of skin. As she sits sipping her wine, you will rub and worship her tootsies.

If she has had a particularly rough day of walking around the mall, then pouring the baby lotion into your hands and rubbing it in will soothe her and make her relaxed. She will enjoy her massage from you like your dress ruffles and crinkles as you move.
rub they tootsies slut

Taking care to remember her toes, you’ll need to pay special attention to rubbing lotion in between each one and gently massaging the gaps in between. This can take hours but if you are any kind of decent sub then you will not think of your own discomfort from your knees.

You will instead be happy that your Domme and owner is being relaxed and pampered. When you have fully worshipped one foot, you will switch to the other and repeat the process. Foot worship is sissy training 101 and something that all maids should be adept at.

Maybe you will have your hands fastened behind your back and not allowed to use them. What do you do then? Not having hands does not excuse you from your task. You will need to lick and kiss her feet to show your worship to them.

licking the soles
Your wig hair will fall forward as you lean in and your pretty dress will make crinkling sounds before you pucker up and plant kisses on the lowest part of her body. Leaving lipstick marks on her skin, she will be able to see where you have been and if you missed a part so care is needed on your part.

Working your way to her toes, you will use your tongue to probe and enter between her toes and lick all the dirt, grime and sweat from them. Holding her foot between your hands, you will be able to taste the saltiness from her.

Over the top of her and be sure to cover her insole and the under the sole ball of her foot which will need the most attention since this is the area that touches the ground most often, it can take a while to ensure she is properly worshipped and adored but any sissy maid knows that the ultimate holy grail to serving a superior woman is to worship and adore her feet.

Only when she is fully satisfied is your task complete and you can continue with your other chores till the next time she wishes her feet massaged and worshipped.

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