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The most popular fetish after feet is for long nails. There are millions of men in the world who instantly get a hard-on at the mere sight of a woman with perfectly manicured fingernails and in particular, the longer the better. If you are one such guy then you know and realize the thrill of seeing a female with long nails and watching as she holds a cup of coffee or a cigarette.

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Seeing them sticking out from her fingers all perfectly filed and painted. It is an extremely erotic thing to see and you try to drink as much of it in and store the image in your “wank bank” for later use as soon as you get some privacy.

However, there is a much better way to get your fix. By going to a live fetish cam web site you will find there are dozens and dozens of gorgeous females and sexy women online who not only have long fingernails but they are also looking to show them off to you and watch you wank over them. Get ready to view our Live fetish cams

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Long nail fetish

The second you enter their private cam room you will be able to hear their nails clicking on the keyboard and if you have a thing for nails then this will be enough to have your cock twitching. Telling her what you like, she will straight away bring her hand up and flash her perfectly manicured, long fingernails up to the screen and be wiggling their fingers to show them off to you.

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These girls are extremely proud of their digits and they love to show them off to guys who appreciate them. Showing you first the front and then the rear, they will get off on your wanking your dick as you look on at them. Running them up and down their tits and brushing their nipples and making them point out and go rock solid.

Or lying on her bed and spreading her legs and then putting her nails inside herself and getting them all wet with her juices before she starts to rub her clit and pleasure herself. Or you can look on as she uses a dildo and the look of her nails gripping it as she plunges it inside herself will be all you can focus on!

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Another turn on is when they take a dildo and demonstrate what they would do to your cock if it were in front of them. Holding it up so you can see it closely, they will smile at you as they gently tease the head.

Using their tips, they will oh so gently rub the cock and run their fingers along it. You will be furiously wanking as you watch and they will adore seeing it. Gripping the shaft with her full hand, she will then begin to show you her expert cock handling skills as she demonstrates how well she could wank you off.

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Her nails clicking and sticking out, her fist will start slowly and then speed up to a blur as she wanks that dildo like an expert. Then slowing down, she’ll use her nails to run up and down your complete shaft and gently and oh so slightly scratch it, leaving lovely light red marks and making your dick throb in her hand.

Placing them up to your face, you will be able to smell the lacquer and polish she uses on them and this will no doubt send you over the edge.

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Having a woman with long fingernails is a real treat when it comes to having her use them to run her hand up your legs and tease you. The feeling of that mild scratching, especially as she reaches your groin area, is so intense it almost makes you spunk your load right there and then! Dragging them up and down your body causes a very unique experience and the feeling is one which can not be described.

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Using two nails, she can grab your nipples and slowly scrape them and make them stick out and become prominent.
The options of what she can do are endless but rest assured, if you have a long nail fetish and the sight of a girl with extra massive nails is what gets you off then go to an online fetish webcam site and let them show you exactly how they can make your dreams and fantasies come true.

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