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Giantess is one of the most popular fetishes for guys

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Especially submissive males who are into the BDSM and female domination scene. It is easy to understand why as well. The thought of a giant, powerful woman towering over them, capable of destroying and crushing them in a heartbeat if she so chooses.

Looking down on them and having their fate in the point of her heel, able to squash them and discard them without a second thought. It is the ultimate show of who has all the power in the femdom relationship with one able to destroy the other and one being completely at the mercy of the others sadistic mood and how they feel.

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Take a look at the picture above. Anyone with a giantess fetish would be advised to enter the cam room of a Mistress like this.

Watching her dangle her foot over those little soldiers, waving it around and toying with them. You will be able to imagine the fear of those little toys. Will she bring down her foot and crush them? Putting her boots on top of them and twisting until they are totally ruined? Or shove them around with her shoes, left to right and kick them away like the toys they are?

She has their fate at her fingertips and can do with them whatever whim enters her head. Maybe she will use her two fingers to pick them up by the head and hold them high above the ground. Swinging them back and forward like a piece of nothing, threatening to drop them to their doom.

Or holding them over her open mouth and smirking, knowing she could drop them in her mouth and crush them between her teeth and mash them up into a pile of mush. Chewing a guy up and spitting him out is what some women do best!

Little blown away by Giant women

Listening to them squeak in fear as she plays with her “toy” and causing immense fear with her towering size and Amazonian looks, a sadistic mean bitch giantess is every tiny man’s nightmare and ultimate fantasy.

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To be a tiny little inch tall man running around like a giant female toy and plays with them is almost every guy’s fantasy. Scurrying around as she slams a foot in front of them causing blind panic and making them run in the other direction before she slams her foot in front of them there as well.
Little man syndrome - Shrinking man fetish

Her cruel, sadistic laughter will echo and vibrate through their ears as she cackles and laughs at their plight and their fear. Knowing she can wipe them out at any time will give her an immense feeling of power and control. Treating the little man like an insect at her mercy is an immense feeling to have and one which all female dominants love to exploit.
Little man dangles from Giantess Lips

Treating men like bugs is what they do best and what they enjoy the most!
Another popular fantasy for live giantess webcam sessions is seeing a toy man getting put between her giant boobs and smothered. The idea that could be YOU in there, getting squashed and struggling to breathe is a big turn on.

Struggling desperately to get out as she pushes her tits together and traps you in between her massive 38DDs. Laughing as she feels you trying to climb your way up her silky skin as it will be no more than a tickle to her. Loving the fact that you will tussle and battle to escape and that you will get weaker and weaker as you tire.

She might pull you out to let you gulp in some air before smiling at you and shoving you back into the sweltering warmth of her titties. She will continue to do this till she gets bored and then either toss you aside or just leave you in there till you stop squirming and she no longer has to deal with you.

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