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Foot Smothering

Foot Smothering fetish cams Live BDSM

Foot domination cams are one of the most popular fetishes you will find online, there is just something about sexy feet and worshipping sexy hot women’s toes.

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Foot fetish chats

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Foot Worship 101 for slaves in Domination fetish rooms

All male slaves are ordered to perform foot worship on their Mistress at some point. It is female domination 101 for a dominant female to make her slave get on his hands and knees and kiss her feet and lick her soles or suck her toes.

It is the best form of power shift and shows her dominance over him and his submission to her. Lots of superior females like to take things a step further however and will make their sub lie on his back and then place their feet over his nose and mouth. They will employ foot smothering on him until he is gasping for air and struggling under their sweaty soles.

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There are dozens of cruel Mistress online at this live femdom cams site and each one loves to perform foot smothering on their helpless slaves. They will force them to come close right up to the screen and then they will thrust their foot at them and give them a close-up view. They will make you tell them how much you desire their feet and how you long to be smothered by it as they stand on your face. Get ready to view our Kinky cam Hosts

Video of Slave Worshiping, kissing and rubbing his Mistresses Hot Feet

You will practically be able to smell the musky tone of this dominant women’s sweaty feet in tights, nylon or bare. The little bits of dirt that would be covering your face as you inhaled the deep musk and the salty pieces of sweat that have gathered from being inside her leather boots will be crystal clear to you thanks to the use of high definition webcam which all the mean bitches online have.

As an inferior male, you use live female domination webcam to submit to a superior, cruel Mistress and this is one of the best femdom cam sites on the internet. It is full of dominant women with strong wills and powerful personalities who will completely overpower you and destroy any last ounce of will you have left in you so they can control you and dominate you.

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They will have you on your back with your arms tied to your sides in strict bondage, maybe with a ball gag in your mouth forcing you to breathe through your nose.

She will remove her boots and then dangle her foot above your face, smirking as she lowers it on you. As you are plunged into darkness, you will smell the salty sweat and feel it rubbing against your skin. Little pieces of grime forming on her perfect skin as she wiggles her toes.

You can’t breathe as she presses down hard before lifting it off. Two sharp breaths later and again she smothers you with her foot. She has you completely at her mercy and you are powerless to prevent whatever she does to you.

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Feet play – Rubbing lotion and creams on her sexy feet on webcam  – Video below

There are countless strict Mistress cams sites on the internet but this one here has the strictest, most heartless and severe Mistresses of any of them. They love to force foot smothering on their hapless slaves and make them beg to worship their feet. If you are a submissive male in need of domination by a powerful female then this is the place for you. You may also check out the cheap domination webcams for all things BDSM

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