Foot Fetish Assignment, Worship And Letter

Foot piggy henry – “Dear Miss Breeze

Thank You, Miss, for an awesome website. Reading Your writings made me feel unworthy to even touch the floor You have walked on.

I first came across Your site some days ago and have been drawn back again and again. I cannot get Your words and images out of my head.

It is such an honour being able to view Your images and read Your writing and yet such a torment. I have been good and not made a mess despite being very excited each time I read Your site.

I am quickly learning greater control. I apologise for not being a great writer and not having a good story to contribute. I am not even sure which category I fit into. I imagine myself in all your stories.

I long to worship at Your heel – those sooo > heavenly legs! I imagine Your knowing words mocking me. I feel so excited yet impotent when viewing Your pictures. The image that haunts me the most is the thought of You, Miss Breeze, Goddess Breeze, watching me fucking You stiletto.

If You have read this far I am most grateful to You Miss. I will try and write a better story.

Thank You again.

Most gratefully


I responded to his foot fetish with – “I have faith that you can write a better story. Dwell on your fantasy of fucking My stilettos and put it all into writing.

If you do well, I will allow you to buy a pair of My shoes, and you can videotape yourself fucking them for Me. ( If you are in Columbus I could deliver them personally in a scheduled session and watch you sweat into climax.

Pumping and grinding into My high heel. Rubbing your cock against the arch and toe, and licking the mess you make from inside My shoe. <giggle>) I would love to see your throbbing cock forced into My shiny patent leather spiked heels.

The ankle strap wrapped around the base of your cock & balls, and the other heel violating your cherry asshole as you pump your pelvis. <smile> That would give Me pleasure!

Practice makes perfect little piggy,

Miss Breeze”

Silly foot piggy henry – “Dear Miss Breeze

Thank You so much for replying. My imagination has
been working overtime as reading Your e-mail over and
over is mind-blowing! Miss, I have written a little
story, but I will not waste Your time with it, as it
is not very good. I will keep working on it.

Most gratefully

Your piggy”

china rug – ” The foot worship session you allowed me last night brought me much joy. I thank you many times for allowing me the honour of being your tiny chinaman rug. Your feet are so delicate and thin.

They deserve to be pampered and cleaned by a tongue more deserving than mine. Thank You for trampling my heart as well as my sin and wiping the dirt from high heels upon my naked flesh. Your chinaman bows in the dirt for You to clean your feet upon. “


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