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Hello little man, it’s time for this giant women to step all over you and tell you just how small you really are. We love to crush tiny men and tower over the top of them. If you are ready to submit to your goddess on cam and see just how big and powerful she is over you the tiny little man then enter our live fetish cams and see how our women with big feet like to crush you.

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Macrophilia fetish on Cam we love miniature-sized individuals to stand over and look down on. – Giantess Fetish

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We love the power and control we have as we look down at our little men, we orgasm as we look down at you and you knowing we could take out a whole car park with one stamp of our foot. We are giants, amazons, massive females, and you are a weak, small, tiny non-existent male. You need to be dominated by us powerful, evil females who want to stamp down on you, crush you under our feet and make you the smallest person in the universe.

To pick you up in our hands and have you sitting on the palm as we crush you. We will install fear and terror in you, we are city-destroying, car park destroying females we can do as we please and you can not fight back. We will crush you, abuse you, stamp all over you with our huge feet we will squash you between our toes and humiliate you. We are so powerful and waiting on webcam now to show you just how cruel and mean we can truly be. so if you are ready to begin your journey into giantess fetish then step inside our live rooms now.

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This blog will continue to bring you stories and pictures of this very popular fetish of big women crushing little men, from bum crushing to tit crushing to having a tiny man between our toes, us Gigantic females enjoy playing with the tiny little man syndrome and sharing role play scenarios as well as fantasy chat.

You will be eaten alive by our females, they love squashing, destroying and dangling little men from their lips. Be ready for our strong, powerful women to stand on you, swing you around, leave you hanging from their huge tits, have you living in their shoes, sitting on your face and really squashing you.

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Keeping Little men in a box

Our giant Women are waiting

These Giant ladies want to stand all over you, abuse you and humiliate you for being so small and useless. Keeping you in a little box or keeping you in their pocket, they can take you out and play with you whenever they want to. Perhaps you may live in their smelly sweaty shoe. These big women enjoy having little guys dangling, swinging them about, shrinking you, even more, using their big boobs to humiliate and crush you yet again.

We have a collection of pictures and stories for our tiny little guys to keep up to date with and if you are brave enough you can visit one of our very special ladies on webcam who is waiting right now to turn your world upside down. These are sexy tall women who are powerful. These Amazon fetish cams are live now with beautiful tall girls waiting to humiliate you live – They have the shrinking manpower.

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