Fantasy Slave, Sissy, Tasks And Assignments

I saw your homepage and I think it´s one of the most beautiful I´ve ever seen. I will ask you something… I am 23 years old, good-looking, they say, and I had some experience of slavery to a mistress before, but slavery for me isn´t something I do besides if you understand what I mean.

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Slavery for me is REAL SLAVERY, I mean that I want to become a BORN SLAVE(A REAL SLAVE) that no more have ANY human inside no more. This is a true existence and has been for thousands of years.

For me it´s based on Real-life difficulties, give up and be a REAL
SLAVE, A SAVE ANIMAL, which is no longer human. I have a seed inside me that has always been there waiting to grow to my Real slavery.

I hope you can understand what I mean. A REAL SLAVE is not someone who acts like a slave, IT IS AND WILL BE A SLAVE EVERY SECOND FOR THE REST OF ITS LIFE AND NOTHING ELSE. When I mean A REAL SLAVE, that is of course in all categories than as body slave, working slave, sex slave, toilet slave and all that you want and it is with no limits, the slave is owned.

The thing is that my way to survive on this earth is on my knees to a dominant woman who will bee my Mistress/Owner and I will become and be born to REAL SLAVERY…(Slavery in eternity with no way back)

Now I wonder what you think about this, anyway I would be more than glad if you could take a few minutes to give an answer what you think if you want I can send a picture of me and some facts about this REAL SLAVERY…and the process to become a REAL BORN SLAVE.

I know of a lot of life experience that this is my right place and destiny…I´m more serious about this then you want to believe. On my knees… /A Real save nature

Obviously, this inconsiderate boy has not read much of my beautiful website! Read My sessions page little piggie. I already own 2 live-in pets! 

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