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Chastity Punnishment – Chastity Domination

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Mistress had forced me into a chastity two weeks ago during our last webcam session and tonight was the first time I had seen her since. It was fine for the first two minutes but after that my cock had tried to get hard, only to find itself stopped by the hard plastic of its new prison. With no chance of an erection or a sneaky wank, my balls were constantly full and I am in a constant state of horniness.

Almost everything I see makes my dick try to get hard. It practically screams from inside the cage “Wank me and it will all be ok. Make me spurt and this feeling will go. Relief will make it all better” and I seems determined to increase the frustration every minute till I give it what it wants.

Wanked and an orgasm. I had thought that after a period of time, I would get used to the feeling of being trapped and the feeling of frustration would stop.

No relief or release and my body would say to itself “Oh well, no release so might as well stop trying”. It has, however, been the exact opposite. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING, I see nowadays makes my dick try to get erect in there and the pain of it struggling always causes me to shift and squirm uncontrollably to try to relieve the pressure.

I work in a big call centre which is filled with young early 20’s females and it is constant torture. They all wear tight tops, tight skirts or trousers, high heels and they all walk around with their breasts protruding through their tops with the cleavage hanging over the top.

A few days ago, one of them needed to see something on my computer and leaned over my shoulder while she typed away. I was in agony as her tits were inches from my face and the smell of her perfume drove me to insanity.

In an ideal world, I would sneak off to the bathroom for a cheeky wank but be being locked in this chastity has put paid to that idea. This image will be stuck in my head now and it will only get worse. To make it more torturous, as she left, her breast grazed against my shoulder.

I honestly thought my balls were going to be ripped off my body with the force of my penis trying desperately to get erect.

I have no chance or choice, however, but to continue this torment. My online Mistress keyholder is a mean bitch and extremely sadistic to boot.

The thought of me unable to cum while she has all the sexual pleasure she wants with her real man boyfriend is a massive turn on to her. She had told me to snap the padlock shut and not come to her femdom webcam room for the next two weeks. Every night I had lain awake as thoughts of wanking, cumming and orgasms entered my head.

As desperate as I tried not to and to think of something, anything, else, my entire body ached for relief and it kept pushing horny thoughts and turn-ons into my brain to get me to wank and orgasm. It does not seem to understand that a ham shank is impossible until Mistress allows.Are you ready for your cum denial on cam

She controls my orgasms and my sexual relief. She and she alone decides when or even IF I am ever allowed to cum again. Every day is a constant struggle to avoid sexual stimulation and to try to avoid anything that will make my dick grow in its plastic tube but it is impossible. Almost anything brings torment and torture.

I saw a woman drop her bag and as she bent over to pick it up, I groaned involuntarily as I felt the stirring in my dick as it began to grow. She looked at me as if I was weird and walked off.

It has been a fortnight now of this endless torment and constant frustration. The need and desperation to cum has intensified to an almost unbearable level. It is now time to enter her webcams room and beg for permission to take this infernal cage off and at least have the pleasure of an erection that is not blocked.

As she came onto the screen, I could see she was wearing a low cut, leather top. She knows I have a thing for leather and that I am aching for relief. She made me text her every day to tell her and she seemed to be getting off at the way my texts were getting more and more desperate and almost sobbing. With her breasts pushed up high and her skin glistening in the light, I instantly winched as once again, my penis decided it wanted to be hard but the chastity cage decided otherwise.

She smirked at me as she could see the pain in my face. For the next half hour, she teased and tormented me by
– Pushing her tits up close to the screen
– Turning around and bending over and having me worship her ass
– Made me watch porn videos
– Making me tell her how happy I was to be denied orgasms
– Explain in full detail all the sexy girls and women I saw who turned me on

As I said, she is one mean bitches cam Domme and she laughed and cackled as I struggled to breathe through the pain as my penis struggled and strained with the desire for a boner. The only thing keeping me going was the thought of getting the combination to the padlock and being allowed a nice wank.

After she had finished teasing me, she looked at me and tilted her head to the side. A smile rose from one side of her mouth, giving off a sadistic look.
“Beg me, slave. Beg me to keep you locked in chastity. Thank me for denying your orgasms and tell me how much you appreciate being allowed to suffer for me”
My heart stopped and I was crestfallen. I didn’t think she would keep me locked away. I had no choice but to obey though.

If I refused, she would just keep me locked up longer and longer.
So I begged and pleaded to be kept in a cage and I thanked her for not allowing me to cum.

“I don’t think you mean it, slave. You’re not sounding very convincing. I think we’ll try another month at this time. Remember to text me every day and I think I want you to keep a journal this time”

Writing everything down every day would be even more torture but I am lucky she lets me suffer for her pleasure. I am privileged to have such an online chastity keyholder and I will continue on this path as long as she will have me. Pain and frustration is part and parcel of being a chaste slave bitch and I have no choice but to accept my fate

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