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Just as there are lots of submissive men out there who need a strong, dominant woman to control them and keep them in line, there are also lots and lots of females who still appreciate that male is still the superior sex.

They know that a man is the dominant species and they live to please him and do whatever he wants. Nothing is too much for these types of women and they can mainly be found on live submissive female webcam sites.

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On these sites, there are dozens and dozens of females who are just waiting on a dominant male figure to enter their private room and punish them like the bad girl they are or order them to show their wares and humiliate themselves for his personal pleasure.
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I am one such man who believes a woman’s only job is to serve a man. Women’s lib is a joke to me. Male is still the top dog in my eyes and I use female cam slaves online to exert my power and show them that men rule the roost.

I visit a femsub cams site at least 2 to 3 times a week. There are always girls and women online who need a strong man to control them and put them in their place.
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Just recently I went online and had a session with a particular slut. The first thing I noticed was that she had a top on so I ordered her to take it off. A naked slave is a humble slave. I believe firmly in clothed male, naked female. I asked her what things she had and she told me a huge list. She was obviously a very well prepared slut. So I told her to put the nipple clamps on her nipples. She winched at the first one and hesitated with the second.
“Clip it on slut. NOW” I ordered. Female teen slaves on cam
She did so and bit her lip to avoid yelping in pain. To punish her for her hesitance, I made her attach some weights and then to jump up and down. She did so despite the fact I could see the discomfort in her face. She had been trained well. Next, I told her to remove her shorts and I saw she had a silky, smooth pussy that had been well shaved. Good.
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I told her to put the spreader bar on ankles and put it to the widest setting. All good whores should keep their legs open for their master and she is no different. She asked if she could please remove the nipple clamps so I made her attach more weights. She won’t make the same mistake of questioning me again. After the spreader bar was attached, I could get a good look at her pussy. It was smooth and ripe for a fucking.
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But first, a show that she would do whatever I told her to. So I got her to slap it. Hard. Again and again, I made her whack her cock hole till she was yelping. Then I had her hit it with a riding crop till it was a delicious colour of crimson red. Tears were running down her face as she begged me to relent. I am not completely heartless so I allowed her to stop. In my online training webcam sessions i like my submissive to know who is in charge at all times.

I always like to make sure my slaves are humiliated to keep them humble so I had her get a black magic marker and write “whore” on her forehead and I also had her put “cum slut” above her tits and “cock addict, please fuck me” on her stomach. Her cheeks burned bright red as I laughed at her and she could not even look at me.
“Ok cum whore,” I said “Turn around and bend over”
She did so with a bit of difficulty due to the spreader bar but she obediently persevered and showed me her tight ass. It looked ripe for a spanking so I had her spank herself on cam for me.
Her cheeks turned red as she slapped her ass till I told her to stop. I thought it was time for some proper fucking so I had her take the biggest, fattest dildo she had and lube it up nice and wet. The fear in her eyes as she looked at it turned me on immensely. I told her to ram it into her pussy and fuck her self-good. Watching her fuck herself till she became a big sweaty mess with matted hair and sweat dripping off her thighs and body had me wanking myself as she begged me to be allowed to cum.
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But I made her wait till I had shot my load before I would let her. She was desperate to cum but she obediently waited until I had finished. All good girls wait till their Master has come first.
This was just an example of some of the things I do to female slaves on cams. There are hundreds of submissive women available and they are all obedient and willing to please. Each Master is different and the things they like to do to a female will always vary but the whores available are all adept at dealing with different commands and will always do as they are told.

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