Sissy Humiliation

Laughing at a sissy is what most Mistresses really enjoy. Watching them dance around and act ridiculous as females sit back and instruct, manipulate, verbally abuse and degrade them.Dressing them up to be a slut or a maid or forcing them into girly clothes just for entertainment.

This sissy cuck below was humiliated by giving a blow-up doll his boxers as it was more a man than he would ever be. 9 listen to him talk to the doll)


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To use forced feminization or forced bisexual or just plain old dress the bitches up and pimp them out is what we as Femdoms enjoy, the look on their face as they realize their new meaning in life is that of a cock sucker, a cum dump, a cum guzzler and their only reason for being in the company of any beautiful female is for entertainment purposes only.

Dressing these whores up and training them is what we aim to achieve, in the training sessions. To make them learn how to service cocks, to make them understand their duty in life is to please their Mistress, they will go out and earn money and bring it back, they will be blackmailed, used and abused and made to the sissy walk of shame if at any time they fail any assignment given to them.



Dancing with a rubber doll, this is as close to the real thing this dirty little whore will ever get unless she is servicing cocks for her owner.trainer.This little bitch goes on to kiss the doll and even asked for a proper date…I have to admit this pathetic little sissy cuck had us all laughing before being bent over to become the bitch for all of us females.

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sucking off a strapon

I have to admit we love exposing these dirty little sissie bitches online, sharing their pictures and videos and letting the world laugh at just how pathetic and nasty they are. They suck for a living, the eat cum for fun, they are fluffers when required and they serve their owner at all times when she has guests.This Bitch Karen is practising her sucking skills before going out and servicing the real men

Watch this little bitch dance with her rubber doll, kiss the doll and talk to it- She is such a little whore, she would do anything for attention- we loved verbally abusing her


We never stop training and using discipline on our weak slaves after all it is the only way they will learn how to be good bitches for us.

  • Taking hormones? Grow some real tits?
  • Made to shave and be smooth every day
  • Dressed By Mistress in whatever outfit she decides.
  • Made to watch Mistress have sex with a real man ( cuckold)
  • Locked in chastity not allowed to wank
  • No eye contact unless granted permission.
  • Always giving Your Owner foot worship
  • Servicing and cleaning cocks when told
  • Paraded and posing for pictures and videos
  • Work as a transgender camwhore if told to by Trainer
sissy stephanie the human ashtray
Stephanie the ashtray

Stephanie the human ashtray. Open wide and take my ash as I laugh in your face, go on bitch swallow it and thank me!

You may be ordered to visit the shemale cams section where you will be instructed to interact, dress up and show your full slutty side. This is all part of the domination and humiliation our Mistresses enjoy doing to make you feel as slutty, and dirty as possible.

If you are ready to be degraded made to dress and walk the streets looking for punters, forced to smoke, drink and show your full slutty side then you have found the right Mistress. We make you sign a contract, we make take pictures of you, we laugh in your face and apply all types of bondage on you.

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